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I'm Dr. Mark "The Shark" Smith and I am a father, professor, author and IFBB Pro bodybuilder. In high school I was a power lifter that eventually got inspired to try bodybuilding from watching "Pumping Iron". I did terrible in my first bodybuilding competition taking last in my teen and open divisions and I almost quit doing the sport entirely. My tenacity and dedication forced me to keep trying as I admired 4x Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler and dreamed of making it to the IFBB. All through my educational career and journey where I finished a BS in Business Management, MBA, MSL and Ed.D. in Organizational Leadership I never stopped competing trying to earn my IFBB pro card. Now, after years of perseverance and consistently working hard I'm now a tenured professor and program chair at University of Advancing Technology and a IFBB professional bodybuilder. Storm Labs and I teaming up is a no brainer with their quality products and passion for the fitness industry. Their supplements are top notch and use no fillers or bogus ingredients. Storm Labs products an essential part of any fitness enthusiast’s arsenal, trust me, I’m a doctor.  

"Be a good person, don't lie or cheat and great things will come to you" 

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Hi! My name is Carlyn Kennedy. I was born and raised here in Las Vegas, Nevada.
I was a dancer since the age of 3, until I suffered from a major back injury at the age of 15. This injury affected me for about 3 1/2 years. During that time I went with my mom to her Bodybuilding competitions (she is a figure competitor) and I was introduced to the world of bodybuilding.
At the age of 18 I decided I wanted to take training to the next level and compete. In March 2020, At 19 years old, I did my first NPC Bikini competition where I took home a 1st and 2 3rd place medals. I fell in love with the sport and knew this is what I wanted to do. In October 2020, I competed two more times taking home a 1st and 4th place at both shows.

My goal is to become an IFBB Bikini Pro and to show/inspire others who have gone through similar injuries or situations that it does not need take over your life, to always have faith, and that it is still possible to go after your dreams. I am so excited to join Storm Labs as they only put the best into their products. Not only are all of the ingredients on the label so I know exactly what I’m putting into my body...they taste great too!

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What’s up everyone! My name is Casey Hoyt. I was born and raised in Southern California. At about 12 years old I was introduced to weight training by my father with just a rickety bench press in our backyard with some rusty metal and cement weights. Once I got into High School, I started doing some more intense weight training for football and ended up competing in our mandatory powerlifting competition my freshman through junior year. Bodybuilding became a part of my life just before entering college in the beginning of 2012. My first bodybuilding competition was at the end of 2012 at the Paradise Cup in Hawaii. The end result was terrible and I placed second to last but it lit a fire in me to make sure that the next time I stepped on stage I would be vastly improved. Fast forward to 2014, I ended up taking first in my weight class(out of 3 competitors). Over the years I have continued for further my knowledge on every facet of the sport and during college I received my bachelor’s degree in Exercise and Sports Science. Currently I am working on becoming the best bodybuilder that I can be.

I am very excited to team up with Storm Labs. It is important to me to support a brand that provides quality supplements for individuals that are focusing on improving their lives and maximize physical development. 

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My name is Napoleon Amos and I'm from Memphis Tn. I'm a graduate of Tennessee State University with a bachelor's and master's degree in science. I currently teach high school chemistry. I've been teaching for 15 years. I also coached high school basketball for 15 years as well. I was blessed to win two national championship at Lancaster Christian Academy in 2011 & 2013. I’m also a personal trainer. I’ve been training clients for 15 plus years. In addition to teaching, coaching and training I started bodybuilding in 2015. First show Vol State Classic 2nd place in bodybuilding, KY Muscle 2015 2nd place in MP, KY Muscle 2016 2nd place, master nationals 5th 2017, and I earned my Procard at North Americans in Pittsburgh 6 weeks later. I'm currently preparing for the Kentucky Muscle Pro in 6 weeks, Baltimore Pro in 7 weeks & Sacramento Pro in 8 weeks. I won the Baltimore Pro last and I’m defending my title this year in 7 weeks. The challenges of preparing for each show is tough but rewarding. I've enjoyed every step God has blessed me with. God's Plan.

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Dr. Mark
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